Our Services

Our services are based on the total concept of energy conservation and renewable energy technology implementation. JBAR and its affiliated team can manage your project from beginning to end to your complete satisfaction. JBAR will help evaluate your goals, apply our skills, and lead you to a successful, more efficient and more environmentally friendly building.

1. Examination:
Thoroughly examine the buildings existing condition to determine how the building is performing
based on its existing capabilities, occupant load, and use requirements. Examination will make use of
all necessary expertise of the team including architectural design, civil, structural, mechanical, and
electrical engineering, along with input from building tenants and other relevant sources.

2. Valuation:
Establish the guidelines for the project based on existing conditions, client program directive, and
budget restrictions. Perform a full LEED evaluation for the building to determine all available credits
for potential LEED rating, best targeted approach to achieve the highest future savings versus immediate
costs, and overall most environmentally responsible implementation of construction for future
building use

3. Application:
Produce detailed construction documents to give the contractor all necessary information in order to
produce the desired building renovation. Govern all construction with regards to proper LEED implementation
of all systems, appropriate waste management and recycling practices, and financially responsible
construction practices.

4. Leadership:
Supervise commissioning of systems during and after renovation process in order to maintain
proper functioning efficiency and energy waste reduction. Install conservation awareness programs
based on building uses and requirements for all tenants and building occupants.