Power Storage System


SunFuel is JBAR’s system for storing PV electricity for use at night, when the cells cannot produce electricity, and as an exclusive source of emergency electricity in the event of an interruption of service on the commercial grid. During daylight, the PV cells keep the SunFuel batteries charged up. When the sun goes down, power is drawn from the SunFuel system overnight, and the next morning the recharging process begins again.

The SunFuel Energy Storage and Management System represent the current state of the art in hybrid renewable energy systems. All components are the highest quality available anywhere in the world. Systems are designed and built to accommodate electricity needs in every country on the planet.

Primary Function

  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Distribution
  • Emergency Backup

Key Features

  • Instant Transfer Switch
  • Totally Off-Grid or On and Off-Grid
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty (10 Year Available) 10 Year Enclosure Warranty
  • Scalable up to 72,000 Watt Hours
  • Optional remote internet monitoring with the MATE 3

table_power storage module

^Optional 220 volt with 2 inverters available at additional cost. #requires additional FM80 at additional cost. *9-18 KWh.