PV Module


Photovoltaic electricity (PV):

Photovoltaic panels (called “cells” in the industry) convert sunlight directly into direct current electricity. The DC current is passed through an “inverter” to change it to AC current, which is then fed directly into your existing electrical system. There are no moving parts, and nothing is consumed in the process; the cells never wear out.

Cells can be mounted on the top or sides of buildings, on the ground, or on poles. They just have to be mounted at the correct angle, facing south, and without being blocked by trees or surrounding buildings.

Most of our PV clients choose to remain connected to their local commercial electrical grid for two reasons. First, in case there are several cloudy days and the PV system does not produce all the electricity they need, they can draw the additional electricity from the grid. This happens automatically and imperceptibly, and has no effect on electronic equipment and appliances. Second, and just as important, in most locales, the client is allowed by law to “sell back” to the local utility company any excess power produced by their PV system at prescribed rates.

FPI’s PV modules are produced in US factories in Sheridan, OR and Nashville, NY. With an annual manufacturing capacity of 74 MW, our ISO 9001 certified factories produce high‐quality, efficient modules that are CEC listed and UL 1703 approved.

Key Features

  • Federal Government PV modules
  • .Modules from 180w-310w
  • US Manufactured
  • Multi-crystalline solar panel products
  • 5 year limited warranty on materials and workmanship
  • 12 year limited warranty on 90% of power output
  • 25 year limited warranty on 80% of power output
  • Certified to UL 1703

photovoltaic module