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Commercial Solar Thermal
The replacement of conventional gas powered water heating systems will save hundreds of thousands of dollars of BTU consumption over the life of the system.
Commercial Energy Storage Tank
HAASE Energy Tank stores hot water and saves 40%-70% on fossil fuel cost. A pressure free fiberglass tank with integrated heat exchanges.
T5 Lighting Retrofit
T5 lighting adapters perform at 18W yielding energy savings in the range of 45% - 50% in lighting cost reduction.
PV Energy Storage System
US Army Mobile Renewable energy project used the Sunfuel energy storage system to provide a continuous renewable energy solution. Deployable, scalable reliable and cost effective.
Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Systems
Photovoltaic arrays are the perfect solution for residential, commercial, industrial or off-grid solutions to the increasing cost of energy. The system will pay for itself with the operations and maintenance cost savings attained.